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Ceramics Slavonice
Teresa Kuhn

TEREZATeresa Kuhn


Porcelain design, functional ware, RAKU ceramics and workshops has been my main focus since 2001.
I live in Slavonice, a small renaissance town in South Bohemia, Czech Rep. and work in my workshop and gallery .
I was born in 1952 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. I spent a part of my life in 1968 – 2001 in Switzerland. My passion for ceramic grew in nineties, after I had tried out all other spare time (crafts) activities and was looking for a way how to express my creativity. Since 1990 I focused more intensively to ceramics, attended art and ceramics classes and worked regularly in a community workshop also as an assistant.  After the political change in Czech Republic in 1989 I visited frequently Slavonice and finally settled here my ceramic studio in 2001. I work with stoneware and porcelain, like the sense of discovery and experimentation in working medium that can be formed to any shape, express an immense spectrum of surface effects and fire in surprising ways. The possibilities of new discoveries are inexhaustible.
My hand-build work is created spontaneously out of my present mood and feeling. My FUNCTIONAL WARE is mostly created on the wheel. Throwing on a wheel is a meditation and centering of the clay and of me is always a new challenge.
I am not concerned about controlling the chemistry and end results of my work because I wish to constantly push the boundaries of what the medium can do. I like the effects of RAKU and PIT FIRING and PAPERCLAY, and I believe that the final form of a piece of clay resides within it. I like to decorate my garden with frost resistant GARDEN subjects as spheres, totems, flowerpots. I enjoy sharing my interests and experience with others in workshops or by e-mail.


1952 – born in Prague, Czech Republic
1968 – emigration to Switzerland
1969 – 1973 Technical College, Mechanical Eng. in Switzerland
1973 – 2001 draftswoman, AC engineer, sales manager
2001 – back in Czech Republic, settled own ceramics art studio with gallery in Slavonice
2005 – workshops with children and adults
2006 – Member of Union of Visual Artist of Czech Republic and Ceramic artist Association of Brno


Art ceramist diploma at Collage of Art in Prague, several ceramic classes for  throwing, plasters, forming, glazes, raku firing, paper clay,
Model and drawing evening classes Open University Zurich
Art analysis evening classes at Art School Zurich

1995 – 2000 in several galleries in Switzerland
2001 – Own Art Studio and Gallery in Slavonice
2003 – 2005 Czech Austrian Centre in Vienna /Austria Inspirace Slavonice Gallery ART Chrudim / CR Gallery of Fine Art and Craft in Decin Gallery Czech Centre in Poland and Bulgaria together with Craft workshops of  Slavonice exhibition with Ceramist Association of Brno in Breclav CR
2005 – Gallery Hotel Rose Slavonice
2006 – Obermuehle, Austria
2007 – Slavonice and Mikulov
2008 – Kutná Hora and Čáslav
2009 – Dobersberg Austria July 24 – August 28
2010 – Kulturbruecke Fratres Austria
2010 / 2011 – 2012 Exposition Hotel U růže, Slavonice
2012 – ARTWALK Gross – Sieghards Austria
2013 – GALERIE KRAUSE Pfäffikon ZH, Switzerland
2014 – Ceramics Society of Brno in Nove Mesto na Morave, CZ
2014, 2015, 2017 – GALERIE KRAUSE Pfäffikon ZH, Switzerland
2018 Gallery Galvina Bechyně April – June, KERAMONO exhibition
2018 Gallery Galvina Bechyně September 1 – October 30, THREE, en exhibition of three friends
2022 Brno, Autumn Exhibition of the Ceramics Association of Brno, Nov. 21 – Dec. 4th, Old City Hall

2005 BÖKWE Paperclay workshop for Austrian Art Teachers Society 2005
2005 ISP Prague – Throwing for High School Students, IS of Baku, Throwing and decorating
2007 FORMING THE EARTH – Faience – EU – Ceramics Project for youth from Europe
2007-2009 Workshop for Austrian Kindergarten assistants
2012 – 2018 AIS Wien – several ceramics workshops for High school students